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        <h2>Providing Language Services for over 15+ years both domestically and abroad.</h2>       
    <h6><a href=\"\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"200\" height=\"112\" border=\"0\" /></a></h6>As a daughter of immigrants, I know the importance of providing accurate interpreting services and I know the importance of doing the job done right the first time, so you can rest assured that you will always receive the same level of service that I would want for my parents, friends, and family.

In this industry, there\’s NO ROOM for ERRORS.

I also know how important it is to contract an interpreter who not only understands the industry, knows the terminology, but also understands the culture.  When using my services you will receive prompt and professional services at all times.

I also know that accepting an assignment for which I MAY NOT be qualified, can potentially affect your case, threaten testimony witness, resulting in a case dismissal, or worse put someone in jail, or even cause death! 

Therefore, I will ONLY ACCEPT cases that I know I\’m 100% qualified to do!

I have extensive experience in a wide array of professional fields.

I have worked in the respective fields for over 15+ years.

Whether it\’s a day visit with a new business client, a conference, or a long project at a new facility/location, I will provide you with quality interpretation services to all our clients and yours.

My extensive experience includes, but it’s not limited to over the phone interpreting, in-person interpreting assignments in the following fields including, but not limited to:

  • depositions, recorded statements, civil litigation, mediation, arbitration, worker’s compensation
  • medical evaluations
  • personal injury
  • employee/employer meetings
  • parent/teacher conferences
  • mental health, social services
  • jail and prison settings, as well as other general business settings to fit any business need.

I consider my self an expert in both Consecutive, Simultaneous and Conference interpreting for the following fields:  

Legal, Medical, Depositions, Trials, Mediation, Investigation, Education, Hospitality, Insurance, Government, Non-profits, General Business industry and more, (you be the judge)…

Feel free to peruse my website and see what my clients say about my services.  

Onsite Interpreting: On-site interpretation for a variety of industries; Legal, Medical, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, State, County, Federal, Non-profits, Investigative Firms, Court Reporters, Automotive, Agricultural, and more…

Conference Interpreting: On-site interpretation for simultaneous business meetings or conferences. I can provide you with transmitters, microphones, receivers, and headphones at any of your conferences/meetings if needed – (2-week advance notice is required for all equipment rental\”.

Escort Interpreting for Business Visits: On-site interpretation for clients or businesses locally and abroad for any tours, classes, training, business meetings, or other casual activities.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting:Whether you need an interpreter right away for a teleconference or for a scheduled time, I\’m available 24/7(account must be established to access my On-demand Over the Phone Services).

Clear communication between health care professionals and patients is vital to delivering successful medical care.

Our interpreters and translators help ease the process of communicating important information to your non-English speaking patients.

Our interpreters are high quality, certified under state and/or hold national credentials and have extensive medical interpretation experience. We assure HIPPA compliance and will accommodate to any other requirements of the state, county, or those of a specific hospital.

My Language Services will help you:

Bridge the Language Barrier in Communication

  • Improve business relationships between you and your Customers / Clients / Patients / Staff, more…
  • Comply with all government mandates
  • Manage costs for all your Language Services through volume pricing, non-profit price, loyal customer discounts
  • Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, wrong information or case dismissal
  • Increase the level of quality care

For over 15+years, I\’ve had the pleasure to work for a variety of School Districts and I know how important it is to ensure that parents, staff, community members and caregivers have full access to information in their own language.

As you know our Country is continuously evolving and parents may speak no English or limited English, therefore making it difficult to understand any matters involving their children’s education. 

And, we all know that parents are empowered by the process when the language barrier is taken away, making it easier and more likely for them to actively participate in their children’s education.

Throughout the years I\’ve had the pleasure in providing the following services to various Schools / Districts.


  • DELAC, ELAC, LCAP and Board Meetings
  • School enrollment and orientations
  • Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Student acclimation to the class environment
  • Attendance
  • School meetings, district meetings, council meetings
  • IEP plans and more…

I also have years of experience in doing Legal Intakes, Case Management assistance, as well as helping our Hispanic Community with all of their business needs!

For more information about Who I am, What I do, How I Work, please contact me for additional information about my Payment Terms and Conditions & Code of Ethics.

As you peruse through my website you will see how throughout my years in business, I\’ve had the pleasure to help organizations connect and bridge the communication gap between their limited English-speaking customers, patients, and others whenever a language barrier arises.

So you can rest assured that with my skills, dedication, and experience – I will get the job done!

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